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Meet Erik

Marine veteran and first generation millionaire. He was introduced to investing by a high school teacher and has dedicated 30,000+ hours from 2007 optimizing his craft. He actively trades derivatives (options and futures), invests in residential and commercial real estate as well as startups. He made over $2,000,000 by age 32.

Yet, he is nothing special. Like many, he grew up with a single mother who struggled with debt in a high crime area. Two mentors altered his life trajectory - simply by sharing information

Erik has a natural curiosity, loves to travel, working out, martial arts, automotives, scuba diving, and maximizing his life experience. Time is short. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping his followers learn about investing, stocks, real estate, trading, building wealth, discipline, and maximizing their performance. 

For those dissatisfied with average and a penchant for high performance the Outlier Community is for you!

Welcome to the Outliers!

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