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Meet Erik

Erik is a Marine veteran, options trader, real estate and angel investor. He began investing in 2007 and has spent over 30,000 hours honing his skillset. Despite growing up poor, became a first generation millionaire before 30 and a multi-millionaire in his early 30's.


His goal is to share his Outlier mindset; to encourage people to think bigger, work harder, and embrace higher standards than the average person - there's nothing appealing about average. Erik is passionate about learning, self-development, performance, and teaching.

He launched the esInvests YouTube channel and the Outlier community to share his experiences and empower others to proactively craft their futures. You can find him on YouTube & Twitter @esinvests. You can also checkout his latest interviews here

Outside of finance, Erik enjoys: traveling, martial arts, fitness, biohacking, scuba diving, automotives, astrophysics, philosophy, exploring, and building new skillsets. 

Welcome to the Outliers!

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