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To create above average financial success, by definition, you must be an outlier. 

My name is Erik, I'm a Marine veteran and self-made millionaire investor (stock market, real estate, &angel). I've dedicated 30,000+ hours over since 2007 optimizing my craft and am committed to Meliora - The Pursuit of Better. I want to share this passion with youMy goal is to offer quality information without the BS. He made his first million before 30 and second million before 32

Yet, I am nothing special. I grew up in an area with 2.5x national average for violent crime, with a single mom that worked two jobs to support my brother and I. Two mentors altered my life trajectory - simply by sharing information

I began trading options in high school, earned a Marine Corps scholarship served 6.5 years as a Marine Officer, got into real estate & angel investing, completed my MBA, and traveled the world. In 2020 during COVID, I launched esInvests and the Outlier Community to help my military friends and it caught on ever since. I'm not a great video creator (although I enjoy the challenge) but I share my hard earned investing experience, with purpose and without fluff. 

Being an Outlier is a commitment. It's a challenge. It's being discontent with the norm and not settling for average. Despite our starting point, we can ALL CREATE our future and achieve our goals.


Welcome to the Outliers!


Audentis Fortuna Iuvat

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