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Hey there - I'm Erik. My mission is to share my experience creating wealth, investing, & pursuing Outlier Performance - all without the bullshit. I'm a Marine vet, options trader, real estate and angel investor. I became a first generation millionaire in my late 20's. 

From 2007, I've spent over 30,000 hours honing my skillet, after being introduced to investing by a high school teacher (turned close mentor). I grew up with a low income single mom, in a high crime area (I was even stabbed in the hand in high school). 

That mentor changed the trajectory of my life, through information. From high school, to grad school, Marine training to trading, I've never cared about minimum standards. I'm laser-focused on peak performance and adopted an Outlier Mindset long before I knew what I was doing. 

Money can't buy happiness, poverty can't buy shit. Finance enables me to do things I enjoy, like traveling to a new scuba diving spot, building cars, and running a car club in San Diego (Forged Speed). I've been training since 2005 and similar to trading, I view life as a big experiment - including my body and performance. I enjoy expanding my external knowledge of the world through astrophysics and internal understanding through philosophy. 

Dive into the conversation on my YouTube channel ( and The Outlier Podcast ( where finance meets real life. Join the Outlier community (it's free) on Discord to surround yourself with other growth minded people pursuing extraordinary outcomes. 

You can also follow me on Twitter for my latest thoughts ( & check out my latest interviews with other financial minds on Business Insider, IG, Bloomberg, other Podcasts, etc. 

Welcome to the Outliers!

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