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Meet Erik

Shorten your learning curve & tap into:

  • 30,000+ hours of investing & trading experience from my start in 2007.

  • Emphasis on derivatives, analysis, & process optimization

  • Breadth of investing experience includes real estate & angel investing

  • Training background as a Marine Officer. Honest, disciplined, & pragmatic.

  • 1st Generation Millionaire before 30

  • 2 Years as a Deloitte Strategy Consultant

  • Statistics background for undergrad and grad degrees

Unlock Your Edge

My teaching style is based on my collective experience & Dr Bandura's Social Learning Theory. My goal is to coach you efficiently towards your goals, optimize learning & processes. 

Focus areas:

  • Planning, Goal Setting, & Organization

  • Investing and Trading:

    • Portfolio Management

    • Options & Futures

    • Investing Plans & Logs

    • Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis 

  • Psychology & Discipline

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