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Tailored to both aspiring traders looking to shorten their learning curve & experienced traders looking to sharpen their edge through a more rigorous approach to investing and trading.

-Outlier Pro Private Member Discord
-Weekly Livestreams & Market Review

-Get Help Organizing Your Trading
-Develop a Robust Investing Approach

-Trade Reviews & Analysis
-Actionable Stock Market Insights 
-Learn Erik's Wealth Creation Plan
-Templates, Exercises, & Calculators


Meet Erik

Shorten your learning curve & tap into:

  • 30,000+ hours of investing & trading experience from 2007.

  • Consistent market outperformance

  • Breadth of pragmatic investing experience: active trading, options and futures, process optimization, real estate & angel investing

  • Training & planning background as a Marine Officer. Honest, disciplined, & rigorous.

  • I won't tell you what you want to hear, I provide genuine input to help you grow. ​

Unlock Your Edge

My teaching style is based on my collective experience & Dr Bandura's Social Learning Theory. My objective is to coach you efficiently towards your goals & optimize learning. 

Focus areas:

  • Planning, Goal Setting, & Organization

  • Portfolio Management

  • Options & Futures Trading

  • Data Driven Trading Research

  • Fundamental & Technical Analysis 

  • Psychology & Discipline

  • Total Investing & Wealth Development

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