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10April esInvests Trader Workshop

I host a monthly trading workshop to get the Outlier community together, make connections, share ideas, and sharpen our trading skillsets. The sessions are held via Google Meet so they can be more interactive. I record them for those unable to make it, however I prioritize the topics for those present on the call. This month's workshop will be 10Apr at 5pmPT. Fill out this GForm to get added to the session list and share what you want to cover!

Who I am and Why do I do This?

My name is Erik. I've been trading for 14+ years and have a 22.8% CAGR. I am walking proof that trading can make a meaningful impact on our lives AND you don't need to come from money or be a genius to succeed. I grew up with a single mother who worked 2-3 jobs to support my brother and I. I was going to enlist in the Marine Corps like my brother did because college was out of the question. I had a tremendous teacher that changed my perspective and encouraged me to apply for a Marine Corps NROTC scholarship, which I received. I fell in love with statistics which has served my trading career well. I added more data analysis and processing during my MBA.

I started investing at 16 and trading at 17. My goal was to make money to help support my family. Like many, I struggled. I was fortunate again and met an Army vet that had been trading for over 40 years that I regularly started connecting with to ask questions and learn - he became my trading mentor (and still is to this day). Fast forward, I'm now 31 and continue to trade. I'm past the aggressive growth phase of my account and am now modestly growing while using it for partial income. I've been able to provide for my family, own multiple rental properties in additional to my primary residence, and have been an active angel investor for around 8 years. I primarily trade derivatives (options and some futures). You can see more of my trading journey here.

If you'll notice, I had three influential people in this story: my mother, my teacher, and trading mentor. What do they all have in common? Their direction and advance completely altered the trajectory of my life and asked for nothing in return. This is why I started my YouTube channel and conduct these workshops - to pay forward the time others selflessly spent developing me.

Be an outlier!


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