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David Hunter Interview

I had my friend David Hunter back on the YouTube channel today to discuss the markets, macroeconomic environment, consumer sentiment, and his forecast for a abrupt melt up leading into an 80% global bust in 2023. You can checkout the video here and I’ll include a few highlights below.

  1. The Fed is unable to manage ahead of the markets and is reactively adjusting policy.

  2. Dave pointed out how he feels we should actually slow or even reverse counter inflationary rate adjustments (he expects a raise in July, but moving forward).

  3. Regardless of how the Fed behaves, the belle of the ball is bonds. Specifically, the movement of 2 and 10 year.

This was a really fun convo, I always enjoy having Dave on to pick his brain. He’s been in the the markets for nearly 50 years and is a wealth of information. Some may have a hard time conceptualizing some of his bold calls but focus on WHAT he’s using for data points and HOW he synthesizes the information. Teach a man to fish…

Be an Outlier!

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