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Free Options Trading Q&A Session

Hey everyone, I'm setting up another Options Trading Google Meet for anyone interested. The last one was an absolute blast - it lasted over two hours and was a great conversation. We covered options basics, the greeks with a deep dive on delta, option pricing details, trade strategies and portfolio management, etc. Some of the attendees started their own study group and are continuing to meet on the side. I'm really excited about that group and is one of my goals for these. To get people more comfortable with connecting, the internet can be indifferent, these add the human element back.

These are completely free sessions and just a chance for traders to get together and share information. The format for the next one will be the same. I'll collate a list of topics and create a rough agenda for us to follow. I'm also going to add a small case study for us to work through together, where we'll use historic market data to each place our own trade and review our management at different points.

If you're interested in joining in, you can shoot me an email at or fill out this GForm. (The email in the GForm is ONLY to coordinate the session, I do NOT save them, and erase the form following the session)

Looking forward to another great discussion!


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