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In the Money IWM Short Put Roll

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

There's nothing special in this post, simply sharing a trade I've been managing because I think these are the interesting ones to dissect (the ones that don't work cleanly). Primarily, I want to share how I'm reducing risk and increasing my sensitivity to spot prices to exit at a profit sooner that I could if I instead held the underlying outright.

On 29 March 2022, I entered into a short put position in IWM when it was trading around $210. On 31 March, I added another tranche with IWM around $205. Since then, I've managed this trade through a 48 point/23% drop. This is not the ideal scenario for this trade, however, the market doesn't care what I want it to do. It's my job to navigate it and make money regardless.

For context, below is a 1-year daily chart of IWM:

On 6 June, I took (2) separate short put trades in IWM that were ITM and rolled them into 1 series. For a recap, you can checkout this video. Otherwise, let's get into the adjustment. That left me with (14) 22Jul 179P @ 4.45 credit. See Trade 1 below:

Today (7 July), I rolled this position down and removed size. I'm continuing to aggressively manage this position to permit and exit and ultimate redeployment. I reduced risk in 2 primary ways: rolling down (decreases the basis on each contract by 5 points) and by removing 1 contract (moving from a 14 to a 13 lot). Both of these adjustments combined reduced my risk ~ 10%.

I will continue to manage this position until I take it down for a profit and regain sensitivity to spot pricing to re-deploy capital.

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