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Make Your First Million Faster

From a low income single parent to $1,000,000 by 29. Here’s how I did it with no bs.

Just about anyone can become a millionaire by saving, passively investing, and waiting. The name of the game is getting there faster.

1. Save. Building early principal is non negotiable. It takes money to make money. This requires sacrifices and being frugal. The more you prioritize saving, the quicker it’ll pay. This is the first lever.

2. Invest. Start this early. For many, passively investing will work fine. $SPY and $IWM are two great index ETFs. The more you invest and better return you achieve, the quicker it’ll pay. The second lever.

3. Create more income. A W-2 is not enough for most. Find some side hustles to supplement early on. For me, it was flipping motorcycles, cars, etc. The more income you create and save, and invest the quicker it’ll pay. Your second lever.

4. Specialize. For some, it’s becoming a highly compensated industry expert. Others, it’s starting our own business. For me, it was actively trading. We need a skillset we can heavily monetize. The more we can monetize our skills, the quicker it’ll pay. Our fourth lever.

5. Add more income. As we create capital, more opportunities open. I spread into real estate investing, angel investing, now YouTube, affiliate marketing, etc. The compounding snowball is rolling. It has paid off.

I am nothing special. I simply plan, create supporting habits, and force myself to adhere to the regiment. There is no negotiating with myself. The beauty here, is I didn’t come from money - this is accessible to everyone.

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