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Micro Bitcoin & Ether Futures Launched

CME group announced the release of options on Micro Bitcoin and Micro Ether futures - launching 28 March. There obviously is significant demand and will give smaller accounts access.


  • Contract size - 1/10 of the respective coin

  • Hours - 24 hours via Globex (60min break 5pm ET daily) & ClearPort (15min break 1845-1900 ET Mon - Thurs)

  • Bitcoin Tick size: $5 per coin = $0.50 per contract for premiums above $2.00 | Reduced ticks are available

  • Ether Tick size: Outright - $0.50 per ether = $0.05 per contract

  • European style

  • Expiries: Nearest Monday & Wednesday weekly; 4 Nearest weekly Friday expiries; 2 nearest monthlies

You can learn more on the CME group's webpage.

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