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Morning Hot Tub with the Dude

Why do I use the hot tub every morning? It’s similar to why I drink 30 oz of water after waking up, wait 90min to consume any caffeine, workout twice a day, etc. I’ve spent years researching the markets. I’ve spent equal time researching myself and how to optimize.

People think the hot tub is relaxing and it sure can be. For me it isn’t. If you’ve ever been in one, do you know the point where you’ve been in it for a while, feel really warm and are ready to get out? That’s the relaxing phase. I stay in for another 15 min past that, well beyond the point of comfort where I’ve worked up a high heart rate and full sweat by the time I get out.

This morning ritual accomplishes several things:

  • Gets me outside first thing in the morning, in direct sunlight. Dr Huberman talks about the litany of benefits

  • Gets my heart rate up with minimal frame impact. I train martial arts, exercise regularly, this is a recovery tool that promotes blood flow and heart shock proteins

  • Mental edge. I don’t want to do it most mornings. I’m purposefully placing myself into discomfort when there is ZERO external forcing function.

I highly encourage you to review your day, explore what you do and why. Many people go on autopilot after years of repetition. I apply this same exact systematic process to most things I do in life, to include investing.

Enjoy the weekend!


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