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Outlier Discipline Challenge

Each month, the Outlier community on our FREE discord (link in any video description), embark on a discipline challenge.

Why? It’s makes us better. It forces us to deliberately practice the art of discipline daily while growing our overall capabilities as people.

Last month, it was 5min of stretching and some sort of market prep action. That’s it. Simple by design. By keeping the task such a small burden, it removes any and all excuses from non-compliance.

The world values results; not excuses or even completely rational justifications why we couldn’t meet mission.

This strict adherence leads to a change in mindset from looking for rationalizations to offer ourselves outs, to actively bypassing completely justifiable reasons to take a shortcut, take a break, or the worst - negotiate with ourselves: “instead of 5min today, I’ll just do 10min tomorrow”. Sounds so reasonable doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s a slow transgression that expands over time.

Being an Outlier is an active commitment across disciplines. This, is one small way we as a community pursue this target, together.

Looking to drop the bullshit and get better? Join us.

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