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Outlier Trading Bootcamp Season 3 | FREE Trading Workshop

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

It's time to reboot one of my FAVORITE segments - Outlier Trading Bootcamp (previously Teaching to Trade). This is a 10-12 week series where I pull in traders from the trading community to work with in closed weekly sessions. If you're committed to enhancing your trading skillset, this opportunity is for YOU!


  • I've been trading for over 15 years now and had a trading mentor that was absolutely essential to my development. I began this series to pass forward the time he spent and to provide practical content to the broader retail community.

  • In Season 2 I hosted (4) new traders and focused on teaching the basics (market structure, options, analysis, trading plans, portfolio management, etc.). You can find that series here.

  • For Season 3, I will select (2) traders that are CURRENTLY trading and focus on developing the practical skillset of trading. We'll overview trading plans/strategy outlines/trading logs, technical/fundamental analysis, portfolio management, and nuanced market understanding.

  • There will be 10-12 sessions in total, each will last 60-120 minutes. Participants will also have direct communication with me via private channels within the esInvests Outlier Discord. I prioritize communication with participants to ensure maximum value from the segment.

  • This will be an INTENSE series that will force the participants to level up their approach to trading.

Eligibility: Prospective Traders:

  • MUST be committed to the series. It will be a sprint, each session is important you have the bandwidth and commitment to the program. Please do not enter if you are not able to fully commit as this simply removes the opportunity from someone else.

  • Have <5 years of trading experience and be actively trading (live or papertrading)

  • Have a basic understanding of the markets, options, and have a skeleton of trading plan built (if you don't, feel free to make one leveraging this video)

  • Sessions will be held in the evenings Pacific Time. Expect sessions to be held on Tuesday or Wednesdays, 5-7pm PT. We will confirm the session each week (it's subject to my availability). If these times do not work for you, please don't apply.

  • There will be offline homework most weeks, some will require additional meeting with the other participant.

  • Expect to allocate ~5 hours per week to the effort.

  • Sessions will be held via Zoom and recorded. Participants are expected to be actively engaged and on camera for the sessions.

  • IF you are interested and meet these requirements, please complete this GForm to apply. The application window will close 3 August.

  • Winners will be announced 6 August.

I truly love this series. Not only is it an awesome opportunity to connect with traders from our community, but together, we will create content that hundreds of other traders will be able to leverage to enhance their own skillsets alongside us. Join me in expanding our skillset and affirming our commitment to BE AN OUTLIER.

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