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Teaching to Trade Reboot!

To the Outliers!

It’s time for a reboot on the Teaching to Trade. This is a segment where I work directly with people to help them learn more about trading - doesn’t really matter where their starting point is. I’m looking to draw (2) participants from the community to work with me for ~ eight weeks. I'll select the two by 28Feb.


-We'll do 1x 60-90min session each week

-My goal for this is to be primarily a self-study with me serving as a guide. Rather than me prepping an outline and teaching each session, I instead will provide learning objectives for you to research on your own. I’ll then review what you learned with you, answer questions, provide practical experience to the content, etc.

-The segment will focus on: options, portfolio planning and management, trader psychology, etc.

Volunteer Requirements below:

>Able to meet 1x per week. Primary time windows will be 4-7pm PT, specific day and time to be aligned each week

>Can be a seasoned trader looking to sharpen up or a brand new trader

>Preference will go to long time subscribers of the channel

>Finally, I'm looking for people active on social media that are willing to share details about their journey publicly. This is an important component to continuing to develop our community and empowering others to take control of their own trading.

If you're interested in being considered, please fill out this GForm.

Let's get this party started!


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