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Trader Organization

The markets are incredibly complex, there are near infinite inputs, with some being generally important but circumstances can arise that make seemingly trivial forces incredibly important.

Like many traders, I rarely would take the time to track my actions or dive into my performance to understand it better. This haphazard approach is EXACTLY what causes most traders to fail. We don't fully respect the complexity of the markets and think we're able to just "wing it" and figure it out.

This obviously isn't true and becomes apparent to ALL over time.

This is why I'm such an advocate of papertrading, trading plans, and trading logs (that we MANUALLY fill in). This creates an intimacy in our process. It forces ownership and accountability of results.

We as traders cannot afford to be another variable in the markets. It's our job to control what we can (which is very little).

Trading log construction guide:

Trading plan outline:

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