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Losses are part of trading. However, we can learn to minimize their impact.

1. On the Left Hand Side. Take a look at Portfolio 1,2, & 3. What do you notice? -Focus on the Average Returns versus Ending Value and Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) -Portfolio 1 significantly outperformed Portfolio 2 with the ONLY difference being Year 3, where Portfolio 1 returned just 2%. How? Consistent positive returns.  -Portfolio 1 has a LOWER average return than Portfolio 3, yet it made MORE money and had a better CAGR. How? Reduction in drawdowns.

2. On the Right Hand Side. What kind of positive returns are required to get back to break even from losses? -Notice how drawdowns require an increasingly large positive return to get back to NEUTRAL. -A 25% drawdown needs a 33.3% positive return just to land at breakeven.  -We can be successful traders by creating better returns, avoiding drawdowns, or a combination of BOTH.

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