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14+ Years of Trading Experience - Let's Help Each Other!

Hey everyone! My name is Erik, I’ve been investing since high school. I have done well - largely due to mentors helping me along my journey. While I was in then Marines I used to teach my friends to help them out. With COVID I decided to try and help more folks (2020) and started a YouTube channel so I can share more complex explanations and so we can learn from one another. It’s completely free, I don’t sell anything whatsoever and have no affiliates. I started the channel specifically to give back to the community and pay it forward as my mentors did for me.

If anyone wants to talk about anything, whether it’s strategy, trade generation, portfolio management, derivatives, etc. I’m happy to discuss all. If I can do a video on anything to help explain a topic, just let me know. It’s all user led content.

Looking forward to chatting!

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